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What is is film and tv’s production tracking service, offered by the Film & Television Industry Alliance. Our office works with major film and tv studios tracking pre-production announcements of roughly 20 to 40 new projects weekly. Our members have access to the industry’s most comprehensive database of production contacts and receive weekly and daily production job announcements.

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When you become a member, there are two ways to get the latest production announcements from FTIA. Our members get access to weekly breakdowns of every major project currently in pre-production. In addition, we send out daily project alerts highlighting latest job announcements and gigs, immediately after they are posted to our database.

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Become a member and start receiving weekly breakdowns with contact information to major film & tv projects currently in pre-production. Our plans are designed to offer savings when you sign-up for a 6-month or the annual plan.

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Regular membership dues of just $47.95 per month


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6-months discounted at $38.95/mo (billed semiannually)


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12-months discounted at $28.95/mo (billed annually)

Most Popular Plan: SAVE 40%

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Want to be among the handful industry professionals who have access to production offices of major film, televison and digital media projects? No matter your experience level, the Film & Television Industry Alliance is dedicated to providing you with the resources you’ll need to find your next big budget film or tv job.
Tyler Flemming
Tyler Flemming
If you work in film and television, you should know about production list…
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Jennifer Furches
Jennifer Furches
I landed a couple of film jobs that I wouldn’t have known about otherwise.
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